10 Most Powerful Marketing Words

10 Most Powerful Marketing Words

You need to let your audience know there’s new content for them. So, what do you do? The thing is you have to come out with word that catch audience eyes, especially with how crowded social media is nowadays.

To win the hearts of prospects, you need to relate with them on a personal level. When it comes to marketing, words need to be part of the math.

Consider using these 10 promising power words in your next content to set the marketing prospects of what you are offering. Let’s start!


Offering and resolve one of the buyer concern – risk. Up the trust and authenticity in providing assurance to your customer. Try to convince your customer that your product is good quality with testimonials and statistics. Testimonials are there to provide credibility and establish trust or even a strong guarantee to your customer.


This word might interest among customer looking to spend money. The concept of ‘’save’’ serves as a great deal that people use to think of saving money. Save and sale are power words and they work together to make your marketing strategies far more effective than the power word-empty alternative. If you can offer your customer an illustration like 50% save or RM25 save your next RM100 purchase, you will evoke interest of customer.


People love free stuff. If you can offer something free of charge and free trial, you may convince customers to buy more and come back. Make a ‘’FREE’’ offer for visitors to get your most popular article, video or product trial that’s quick and easy for you to start increase your conversion rate. The easiest way to start? Including power word into calls to action in your call to action button.


Research found curiosity to be one of the most powerful triggers for virality. This word will allow marketers to acquire new customer their content, and take advantage of sale opportunities. You sure want to include one set of new words when trying to promote an advanced product/ service. If a product launching with just ‘’Product Name’’, customer probably wouldn’t be that interested. But with ‘’The new reveal Product Name’’, what entertaining innovate this product must contain!


Marketers have a different business prospects, but the goal are the same. For example, launches “Buy Now, Pay Later’’ credit feature. This inspires customer to take action immediately. Western market is well know for their use of power words in headlines, they use buy now to entice customer to pick up their products. The ‘’buy now, pay later’’ option that have came out in Western markets through service providers like Klarna, QuadPay and Affirm.


People immediately develop a connection when they hear “you”. It makes a person feel they’re of importance. If an advertisement start with words like ‘’We/ Us’’ etc, it is hard for you to acknowledge their value. Align your messaging with what will actually resonate with individual. Make sure you will have a direct and positive impact on the customer and make that personal connection. For example, BookMyShow voucher worth RM100 for YOU.


Researchers have shown that limited-time offers are based on a psychological phenomenon known as ‘’fear of missing out’’ (FOMO). It is a best driver of purchase behavior in encouraging customer to make a purchase before they miss their limited time offer. Customers are tied to limited sales that they would rather pay more during one than always have low prices. For example, attach a countdown timer at the landing page to urge your customers with time limit pressure about the offers.


Exclusivity is simple. Consumer would look twice at the product that wasn’t for sale or exclusively for member. No matter the nature of your business, implementing exclusively runs of a product can invoke the loyal need customers have to get it before it’s gone. Offering limited edition of a particular product, create a sense of urgency in your customer. Also, the words we use can help high quality product and service be more highly sought after than others.


This sets you up to introduce a captivating reason to buy, as long as you give them something to support your statements. Giving a reason, where the reason was quite obvious and the statement are clear, had a powerful results. Understanding your customer and explore any concerns they may have about using your product or services. Now address these concerns and add positive advantages to working with you.


The imagine word asks your customer to envision the positive outcome to your product or service. There’s a common misconception that an attractive customer, they are likely to think about include a big discount if spend more on your site. Make sure to use simple words targeting to show your products, so you don’t confuse customer while they’re looking for other types of information on your site.


By using these marketing words, you can draw more attention to your content. Objectively, marketing phrases tend to point audience towards the purpose of a product/ service.  Also, the effective words that generates the most clicks and is also most friendly to search ranking algorithms is that which informs.

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