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Truly Meets Your Needs

As a software developer in Malaysia we
specialise in creating customised solutions

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Custom Business
Automation Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning makes
handingling your company easy.
Take advantage of our software
development services and integrate these
effective and time-serving software.


A custom CRM software involves
the development of a personalised
solution to manage customer relationships
and interactions for your business.
Let’s build a comprehensive
and efficient system today!

CRM Platform

We create customized HR software to
enhance employee development, career
advancement, performance monitoring,
scheduling, and issue reporting, integrated
seamlessly into business processes and systems.

HR System
Mobile Application

Custom Mobile App
Software Development

Be it an eCommerce application or an educational one, fitness or dating? Let this team of software developers create an app with the right technology stack for you.


React Native

Custom API Development

API services are a means for an application to interact with a server-side system to retrieve and/or update data. API as a Service helps businesses facilitate collaboration and data sharing of their custom apps with each other or with third-party apps.


Software Development for all Industries
Delivering the right solution


Let your business soar with data analytics powered by solutions such as payment gateway integrations, CRM platforms & customer account management features.


With security at the priority of our systems, VeecoTech software solutions can streamline medical record-keeping, reduce administrative tasks.


Fintech is taking over, cater to a new age audience with software that are secure and convenient. Create systems that real-time data and analytics.


Restaurant management systems, and delivery applications could streamline your operations, reduce food waste & increase customer satisfaction through improved service instantaneously.

Travel & Hospitality

Create booking systems& customer loyalty program management or destination recommendation engines.
Providing efficiency, connection and personalisation with reduced human effort.

Media & Entertainment

Automate content delivery with video streaming platforms, music streaming services, and interactive media applications.

Logistics & Transportation

Cargo tracking, fleet management, and routing optimization could be in your system with VeecoTech as your software developer in Malaysia.

Banking & Finance

System that automate financial transactions, reducing the risk of fraud, providing real-time data and analytics for your business.

Education & E-learning

Take on e-learning with online learning platforms, virtual classrooms & more. Provide your students with remote learning options and personalisation beyond human means.

SaaS Development

Create your cloud-based application or service with software development support.

Web Based
System Development

Let us build a custom web app development that run across all devices and can support administrative management.

Why VeecoTech

Software Development Team


At VeecoTech we do not just provide development services but we aid clients in their specific field and identify and issues that may arise 

  • Transparecy 
  • Research

Attentive Project Management

Dedicated project managers are assigned for each project.

  • Professional 
  • Responsive
  • Attentive

Up to date Experts

The team constantly stays up to date woth the everchanging technological advancements.

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Research

Our Featured Custom
Software Development

Mobile App Development
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Toys 'R' Us Design 1
Toys 'R' Us Design 1
AgentNow Mobile App Development

A series of technological solutions with a cross-platform mobile app for users, a mobile app for SOS team and a web-based system for admin.

Software & Framework

  • Flutter, Laravel, AWS, Mysql
  • Google location API, Google Distance Matrix API
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Virtual Consultancy System (Chatbot)
Corporate Web Design
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Toys 'R' Us Design 1
Toys 'R' Us Design 1
Aspen Corporate Web Design

A company that began in 2013, Aspen Group is now so much more than a development company and has expanded into the Healthcare and F&B sectors. With one of their largest project “Aspen Vision City”, the 247 acres development in Batu Kawan underway they needed a platform for shareholders and investors to get relevant information quickly and with ease.

The 2020 Winner of the Malaysia Landscape Architectural Award needed a professional and sophisticated website that represented them.

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Our Technical Prowess

Front End

  • CSS
  • Vue
  • Node
  • Angular
  • React


  • Java
  • HP
  • .Net
  • Phyton
  • Node
  • Laravel


  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Mobile App

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Hybrid

Security Testing

  • Security Testing
  • Penetration Testing


  • HR System
  • RP System

Frequently Asked Questions

There is much cheaper software available all over the market. Having customized software built from scratch does mean you would be looking at a bigger upfront investment. But this investment would be richly rewarded as you have a solution that perfectly matches your needs. Many off-the-shelf software products have monthly subscription packages which might ultimately cost more than custom software.

Not at all! We would love to have you involved in the decision-making process of the project and you can leave the technical aspects to our team.

Yes. Even after the project has ended, we are still available to upgrade or include extended functionality in your software.

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