eTRADE Programme 2.0: RM20K to Boost Your Digital Presence
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  • MATRADE eTRADE Programme 2.0

MATRADE – eTRADE Programme 2.0

RM 20,000 up for grabs under the Digital Marketing & Training (DMT) Scheme

eTRADE Programme 2.0

Seize the opportunity to boost export activities & elevate cross-border eCommerce platform presence with eTRADE Programme 2.0.

In line with MATRADE’s commitment to the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital), the DMT scheme under this programme is giving up to RM20,000 for your digital marketing activities & eCommerce training programmes.

Annual Report Writing Strategy


E-Trade Programme 2.0: DMT Scheme

Not yet a MATRADE Member?

Companies must be a MATRADE member to qualify for eTRADE 2.0.

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How To Apply

Get a Quote

1.0 Get a Quote

Get any of the epic services we’re offering today! We will then issue you a quotation.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Google Ads
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Blog Content Marketing
  • Copywriting Services
  • Newsletter Management Service
  • Design Services
Submit Documents

2.0 Submit Documents

Complete the application form on MATRADE with a detailed plan and quotation from VeecoTech, together with the Digital Marketing Template for digital marketing.

All applications must be made through the eTRADE Programme 2.0 website.

Approval Process

3.0 Approval Process

MATRADE will review your application. The estimated processing time is 30 days after receiving the complete application and documents.

Make Payment & Receive Services

4.0 Make Payment & Receive Services

Upon approval, proceed to make the necessary payment.The selected service providers will then deliver their services to the SMEs.

Claim for Reimbursement

5.0 Claim for Reimbursement

After successful completion of services, approved companies are eligible to claim the financial incentives. The scheme covers up to RM20,000 of the invoiced amount.

All submission should be made to

Claim submission must be made within 30 working days after the services are completed.

Documents Required

The set of documents to be submitted depends on the type of business entity. Check out what you need to prepare below:

Type of Business No. Supporting Documents ROC ROB LLP COOPERATIVE
Manufacturing & Trading 1 Certificate of Incorporation (Form 9 / Form 13) – Companies Act 1965 OR circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
Certificate of Incorporation (Section 17 / Section 28) – Companies Act 2016*
2 Certificate of Registration of Business (Form D) – Business Act 1956 or its equivalent* circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
3 Certificate of Registration – Limited Liabilities Partnership Act 2012* circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
4 Business registration bodies / local authorities circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
5 Certificate of Registration – Co-operative Act 1993 from Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM)* circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
6 Annual Return of Company having a Share Capital for the latest year – Companies Act 1965 OR circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
Section 68 – Companies Act 2016 for the latest year (Full set)
7 Company’s Management Account for the latest year (Full Set) circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
8 Company’s latest year Audited Financial Statement / Management Account (for company incorporated less than one year) (Full set) circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
9 Latest EPF statement (Form A not applicable) circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
10 Product Brochure circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
11 Digital Marketing Plan circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
12 Price quotation for digital marketing services circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
13 Price quotation for training on eCommerce circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
Additional Document Cross Border eCommerce Experience 14 Appointment document from eCommerce platform for channel partners circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
15 Screenshot of presence or proof of payment for onboarding eCommerce platform circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
16 Proof of operation date and cross border transaction for cross border eCommerce website circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
Additional Document for Trading & Co-operatives 17 Letter of Declaration by Supplier to certify that products are made in Malaysia circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
Type of Business No. Supporting Documents ROC ROB LLP COOPERATIVE
Manufacturing & Trading 1 Approval Letter from MATRADE circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
2 Signed and stamped Acceptance Letter from applicant (Template provided by MATRADE) circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
3 Invoice of digital marketing expenses / training activity circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
4 Receipt of digital marketing expenses / training activate circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
5 Print screen of digital marketing services provided circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
6 Report of digital marketing activities undertaken circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
7 Detailed programme of the training conducted circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon
8 Certificate of attending the training circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon circle-icon


eTRADE 2.0 is an enhancement of the eTRADE Programme which was developed under the RMK-11. The purpose is to accelerate export activities via sustained participation in cross-border eCommerce platforms.

The Onboarding Scheme is also offered under the eTRADE programme. Applicants can receive a financial incentive of up to RM5,000 for onboarding any cross-border eCommerce platform or multiple platforms.

The digital marketing expenses covered are:

  • Search Engines Optimisation (SEO)
  • Keywords Advertising (KWA)
  • Online advertising space rental
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Other expenses associated to the digital marketing activities (subject to approval by MATRADE)

The training expenses covered are:

  • Training organised by eCommerce platforms, Channel partners, Government Agencies, Training Centres, etc.
  • Training content MUST be related to eCommerce e.g. account management, digital marketing, fulfilment, etc.
  • For courses registered under HRDF or other related agencies, balance fee after claim will be paid by MATRADE.
  • Expenses are claimable for an unlimited number of registered staff of the company.

Read the eTRADE 2.0 Guideline for more information.

The DMT scheme provides a financial incentive of up to RM20,000 inclusive taxes per company.
Yes, you may apply for multiple services under two activities: digital marketing activities and eCommerce training programmes.

The processing time for:

  • DMT Scheme Application is 30 days after receiving a complete application and documents.
  • DMT Scheme Claim Application is 30 days after receiving complete documents.

Required documents:

  • SSM / SKM Registration Form (Form 9 / Form D / SKM Form / etc)
  • Latest Audited Financial Report (for ROC) / Latest Management Account (for ROB)
  • Form of Annual Return of A Company Having Shareholders (for ROC)
  • Latest EPF Statement
  • Product Brochure
  • Letter of Declaration of Products Made in Malaysia (for trading companies)

Supporting documents for DMT Scheme Application:

  • Digital Marketing Template: Provided by MATRADE.
  • Digital Marketing and / or Training Plan: Complete with budget, duration, type of services to procure, number of training attendees.
  • Price Quotation(s): Provided by eCommerce service provider and / or training provider.
  • Cross-Border eCommerce presence: Proof of presence / operation / transaction / etc. for eCommerce platform and eCommerce website.

Supporting documents for DMT Scheme Claim:

  • Approval letter: Letter of approval from MATRADE.
  • Acceptance Letter: Signed and stamped acceptance letter from applicant (template provided by MATRADE).
  • Invoice & Receipt: Provided by the eCommerce Platform / Technology Solution Provider (TSP).
  • Print screen: Showing the digital marketing services provided.
  • Outcome Report: Detailed report of digital marketing activities.
  • Proof of Training: Attendance sheet, detailed programme, and certificate of eCommerce training programmes.

Read the eTRADE 2.0 Guideline for more information.

There could be two reasons:

  • Your company does not comply with the eligibility criteria, OR
  • Incomplete documents are not submitted within 7 working days for returned applications. However, applicants can re-apply once the supporting documents are ready.
This programme ends in 2025. However, applicants are encouraged to register in 2024.

The following companies are not eligible for this programme:

1. The following businesses will not be deemed as MSMEs and also do not qualify for Government assistance:

  • Public-listed companies (PLC) in the Main Board
  • Large firms
  • Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
  • Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) or have any government equity (federal orTh state) in its shareholding
  • Syarikat Kementerian Kewangan Diperbadankan (MKDs)
  • State-Owned Enterprises

2. Companies who are inactive in business (dormant) or less than one (1) year in operation.

3. Different company names with the same owner and similar products sold.

  • For example: Mr. XX owned company ABC and company XYZ which are selling similar products. Both companies applied for the eTRADE Programme. Only one company’s application will be approved.

4. eCommerce platform / channel partner / eAggregator or other eCommerce service provider and/or companies owned by the aforementioned parties that sell on eCommerce platform(s).

  • Submission can be made on a one-off basis or a maximum of four (4) claim submissions within a year.
  • iClaim submission is within 30 working days after the activities are completed or services rendered by the service providers (eCommerce platforms, channel partner appointed by eCommerce platform or TSPs).
  • All submission should be made in the online system at
  • Submission of application will only be processed once the documents are completed.
  • MATRADE appreciates on-time submissions that meet all documentation requirements. Delays in processing occur when you submit incomplete documents.

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