Get More Leads with Our Blog Writing & Management Service Get More Leads with Our Blog Writing & Management Service
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Search-Optimised Blog
Writing & Management
for Businesses in the Digital Age

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Why do I need Monthly Blog Management?

The Right Content,
Brings in the Right Audience

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Running a business is no small task. And this might be how you feel about digital content creation.

Well I’m glad you found us.
With our blog management services, you can experience:

  • Conversion focused content
  • Save costs on paid ads
  • Building stronger branding & trust in your industry
  • Build SEO Topical Authority

But don’t just take our word for it.
See how we do it.

Our Blog Post Creation Process

Holistic Topic
Clusters Strategy

✅  Higher website retention rate (lower bounce rate)
✅  More conversion opportunity
✅  Stronger topical authority
✅  Rank for more organic keywords in long-term
✅  Build sustainable branding

Written by Human,
Powered by AI

Our content team utilise various industry-leading AI-SEO research, analyse and writing tools to craft superb content for your business.
Blog content for a human audience with impeccable grammar & without human error.

SEO-Optimised Articles

Blog management services by VeecoTech is paired with expertise & strategies from our SEO experts, producing articles that incorporate:

✅  Thorough NLP Optimisation
✅  Captivating Titles
✅  High Click-through rate Meta Description
✅  Internal & external linking
✅  SEO-friendly URLs
✅  Optimised titles & meta descriptions
✅  CTAs

Free Stock
Photos & Graphics

On average, people retain 55% more information when it is paired with an image, but going out to shoot for every blog post can be time consuming. 

Let us help create copyright-free, high quality graphics.

Schedule Blog?

Post Now!


We don’t just write the content for you. For WordPress users, we can also post the article directly to your blog for no additional fee!  Not only will we upload the post, but we’ll also format your blog post to make sure it looks good and we’ll even add an optimized photo to it.

Monthly Reporting
& Analytics

With VeecoTech’s Monthly Reporting for Blog Management Services, you can track progress & blog’s effectiveness, measuring key metrics:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Audience Demographics

Get SEO Blog Management
with Our Packages


2 Blogs a Month

  • SEO Content Score of 80 & above
  • Successfully pass AI content detection tests
  • Free stock images
  • 1 Free Branded Media Asset per month
  • Monthly Comprehensive Reporting
  • Up to 2 Existing Blog Posts Update (i.e., Change image, add FAQs, fix broken links)


Whenever you need it

  • SEO Content Score of 80 & above
  • Successfully pass AI content detection tests
  • Free stock images
  • 1 Free Branded Media Asset
  • Standard Reporting

Not Your Regular Blog:
Search-Optimised Blogs

Anyone can write blogs, but not everyone can create search-optimised content.

Regular Blog Posting

img regular blog posting

SEO Content score


Grammar and Readability score


Search-Optimised Blog Content
VeecoTech’s search-optimised blogs can achieve high SEO scores of 80 and above.

img seo blog

SEO Content score


Grammar and Readability score


Want a Pairing that Guarantee Results?

SEO + Blog Management

Ready to see real results? Create blog content that speaks to your audience AND get your website on the first page with strategies from our award-winning SEO team.

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Our Results

Case Study 1
Organic Traffic Growth by 75.9% within 3 Months of SEO & Content Creation

Organic traffic improvement case 1 1

Case Study 2
71.8% Organic Traffic Growth for a 1-Year-Old Site After 3 Months Content Writing

Organic traffic growth blog management 1

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Blogs are like a library of your organisations expertise, achievements, marketing all packaged into a subtle and beneficial product for both your organisation & your consumers & should be an intrical part of your pull marketing strategy. 55% of marketers believe that blogging is the most critical inbound marketing channel (GrowthBadger, 2021).

Read more on the benefits of business blogging here.

There is many blog writing offerings in the market with low prices or even offering blog writing for free! This is usually the case for AI platforms but with these platforms there is also the possibility of misinformation and outdated information.

Regular Blog Management:

  • May not consider specific keywords or search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.
  • Content might be driven by internal interests or trends, not necessarily what your audience is actively searching for online.
  • Updated at a variable pace, depending on available resources.

Search-Optimized Blog Management:

  • Strategically creates content that involves keyword research to understand what your target audience is searching for.
  • Optimizes blog posts for on-page SEO factors like title tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking.
  • Maintains a consistent publishing schedule to keep your website fresh and relevant to search engines.

Yes, the blogs of our blog writing services in Malaysia are written by humans and the best part? Our writers also have access to world-class AI tools that take our writing & research to a whole new level.

At VeecoTech our SEO blog services includes an approach to keyword research and integration. We begin by understanding your industry, target audience, and business goals to identify relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition. Leveraging industry-leading tools, we conduct thorough keyword research to uncover opportunities to attract organic traffic to your blog.

Once we’ve identified target keywords, we seamlessly integrate them into your blog content in a natural and reader-friendly manner. This includes optimizing titles, headings, meta descriptions, and body copy to enhance search engine visibility while ensuring readability and user experience. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and best practices, ensuring that your blog content remains competitive and drives tangible results for your business. 

Yes, other than Blog Management services  we do offer SEO services, Copywriting services, design & branding. We have worked with over 500+ local & international organisations.

Before we begin blog management services, we will plan out a content calendar with you typically publishing blogs on a biweekly basis. Turnaround time is approximately 7-10 days, depending on feedback speed & revisions.

Absolutely! Our SEO content writing services & blog writing services understand that every business has its unique brand voice and target audience. That’s why we offer customizable blog writing services tailored to your specific requests and preferences for tone and style.

Specialising in Blog Writing Services in Malaysia, we also understand the importance of localising content to effectively engage Malaysian audiences. Whether it’s incorporating local colloquialisms, cultural references, or industry-specific terminology, we ensure that your blog content is not only well-written but also relevant and relatable to your target audience.

People are searching for
information you can provide

Let us start getting your content out there!

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