Fastest Way to Learn SEO with Only 1 Day Fastest Way to Learn SEO with Only 1 Day

Fastest Way to Learn SEO


Manage SEO is like building a R.O.C.K.E.T ! 

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in the digital marketing industry. When it comes to SEO there are tons of ways of doing it. But what is the easiest and simplest way for you to recall all the important key-terms? All we need from you is just a little imagination and initially it will become a helpful guide for your future business. Let’s get started!

Research – Before kick-off, an SEO campaign, make sure you have a deep understanding of what your company is doing, which industry you are serving and who are your competitors. Do in-depth competitor analysis and use data to support your research. 

Optimize – Let Google better understands you, make sure you are connected with Google My Business Profile. It is a free public profile or listing that allows your brand to appear on the relevant search results in Google. This also provides users to search for your brand more often even when they finding directions, where to eat or other specific terms. 

Content – Content is the king. Google will depend on your content quality and information relevance for your website to appear on top. Good quality content can educate your users and even guide them through the purchasing funnel. Hence, always write good quality content for your audience then only search engines. 

Keyword – One of the important aspects of SEO is the keyword optimization process. These specific keywords help google to define your audience and drive valuable traffic to your websites. With relevant keywords, you will have a bigger chance to rank better than your competitors. 

Earned media & links Create a buzz for your website that will initially help to improve your SEO ranking. Some other ways to earn media & backlinks which include a content promotion, blogs mention/press, viral marketing campaign and so on. This will keep your site in front of your target audience and create new opportunities to grow your websites. 

Time – Speaking in general terms, success doesn’t happen overnight. You need time for Googlebot to crawl on your websites, allowing them to discover new pages to be added to the Google index. One of the best ways to improve Googlebot crawl efficiency is submitting a list of pages (sitemap) that have a good site navigation system that links to all the important sections and pages on your site. 

Hence, there are still so many great articles out there ready to give you a helping hand such as “Ultimate SEO Checklist”.

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