Personal Branding

Recently, the term “personal brand” has become a buzzword, especially in the marketing world. So, what exactly it is?

Personal brand referred to the way people see you as they described you. Similar to how people describe famous people or companies, it is the set values and characteristics that describe you who you are and guide your choice both in works and in life. For example, if Oprah’s personal brand is founded on her empathy, then a web developer’s personal brand might be based on her/his solution-oriented approach.

Your personal brand is a vital part of building a successful career especially when you are a successful freelance career in tech. In addition, a solid personal brand helps people to understand who you are, what you offer, what your value, and the quality of work that they can expect from you. In other words, a personal brand is your reputation.

Personal branding not just about landing clients, it is about landing the right and relevant clients. Those who are on board with your mission and work in the same style as you do as well as those who are excited to accept your unique personality and vision to their project.

Personal Branding is important if you starting your business or trying to grow your business. The personal brand represents who you really are to the world of business and improve your reputation which can increase your revenue.

Here you go, 10 tips that are great enough to start creating your personal branding.

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  1. Aira Pulido February 13, 2020 at 8:59 pm - Reply

    Personal Branding – Its a new topic for me but interesting to know about this. Great info you have shared here.

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