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Expanding Above & Beyond

Since its humble beginnings as a chicken rice hawker stall, Sin Nam Huat has evolved into a thriving establishment with multiple branches across Penang. Sin Nam Huat aims to continue expanding its business, all while embracing the unique principles of:

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The Challenge

Sin Nam Huat sought VeecoTech’s expertise to create an engaging website that meets the F&B industry’s evolving demands. The primary goal was to expand their audience, attracting both local diners and international tourists.

Our Solutions

Leveraging Story-Telling

To showcase Sin Nam Huat’s origins, the website is designed with a captivating narrative. We highlighted the client’s journey on the landing page, allowing audiences to understand the brand’s legacy and evolution.

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Bold & Dark

We incorporated a sophisticated dark colour palette, allowing Sin Nam Huat’s signature red-yellow logo and striking visual images to stand out.

In terms of font style, we used Libre Baskerville, Sans-Serif, and Kai-Ti, creating the brand’s desired simple and traditional visual voice.

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Staying Authentic

We used Sin Nam Huat’s original Chinese content for their brand story, embracing an authentic tone. Considering Malaysia’s diverse cultural landscape, we then opted to include both English and Chinese for website navigation and content.

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User-friendly Navigation

A simple and straightforward navigation was implemented to ensure visitors could easily browse menus, pinpoint shop locations, and access contact information.

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By harnessing our expertise in web design & web development, we successfully brought Sin Nam Huat’s vision to life: creating a site with an authentic tone, simple design, and user-friendly UI.

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