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Journey to a
New Visual Identity

Prepared by VeecoTech

Scope of Work

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design

Project Info

  • Client | RubineS
  • Year | 2022

It all began with a video call, behind the screen we saw 2 beautiful people excited to embark on a business adventure of self-heating hot pot noodles.

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The Warmth of RubineS

We were so inspired by the bright nature of the 2 people we met in the initial meeting that we decided to make them the face of their logo in one of the suggested concepts.

“You have inspired us in the way we look like, we are the brand now” – Ruby (Founder of RubineS)

This is why RubineS’ logo features a simple yet profound silhouette of two faces looking at each other, as this symbolises the founders, a loving couple, nurturing and warm. It also represented the connection between people through food.

Wavy stripes in the woman’s hair evoked the delightful scent of cooking while surrounding stars conveyed the magic of culinary experiences.

Notably, this logo was created with curved lines, which conveyed a sense of comfort and enclosure, thus enhancing the feeling of warmth and hominess associated with the brand.

Complementing these elements is the “RubineS” wordmark in Glamsy font, with serifs for a friendly and inviting appeal, reinforcing the brand’s comfort and homey nature.

Colouring Deliciousness

The colours for RubineS were chosen based on their pursuit for creating a home-style familiar-like
taste. The vibrant colours lean towards a warm tone – giving a sense of warmth, and is also a more
natural colour which connects to home, fostering thoughts of inviting dishes. RubineS does not use
a full-white colour but always an off-white cream, eggshell beige which is more embracing.

Primary Palette

color 1

Second Palette

color 2

RubineS does not want to limit ourselves to a single colour palette, we are always ready to explore and try different tones just like how taste can be so variable.

Crafting Visual Delights

Rubines visuals uses an organic design. Elements that do not produce sharp corners, but elements that look natural as a gift from the earth. Shapes of ingredients in its natural state evoke a more natural and trusting feel, showing RubineS start off fresh and bring together ingredients to create a whole dish.

orange flavour
purple flavour
vegetarian flavour

Designs on the sleeve

curry flavour
tomyum flavour
vegetarian flavour

Close-up shots of foods that symbolized each flavour of the noodles at the front of the sleeve.

how to cook

Illustrated trilingual cooking instructions and far shots of foods at the back of the sleeve

bon apetti

To further evoke an artisan touch, the French phrase “Bon Appétit” was used at the back of the sleeve. This sleeve design included product ingredients and cooking instruction is 3 langauges.

flavour pack

We also created two designs for the powder seasoning sachet and sauce packet

self heat

Packaging for RubineS’ self-heat hot pot containers was single sided so we worked
on incorporating the usage instructions & production description.

RubineS’ Visual Launch

So, here marks the end (for now) of the story about how we brought
RubineS to life visually, capturing their startup charm, and setting
them on the path to success in a fierce market.


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