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Senior Web Project Manager

Responsibilities :

tick  Collaborate with clients and internal teams to devise comprehensive project plans, timelines, and budgets that encompass both web and marketing technical aspects.
tick  Coordinate a diverse array of resources, such as designers, developers, and content creators while meeting marketing technical requirements.
tick  Vigilantly monitor project advancement, identifying potential risks in both web development and marketing strategies, and implementing strategies to pre-emptively address them to maintain project momentum.
tick  Act as the principal liaison for clients throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle, providing expertise on both technical web development and marketing strategies.
tick  Conduct regular status meetings, offering detailed updates on project milestones, deliverables, and overall progress addressing both technical and marketing concerns.
tick  Cultivate robust client relationships by empathetically understanding their requirements in both web development and marketing endeavours, resolving concerns, and surpassing expectations.
tick  Execute meticulous quality assurance testing to guarantee that websites and marketing materials meet both design specifications and functional necessities.
tick  Cultivate a synergistic team atmosphere by furnishing guidance, assistance, and direction to team members.
tick  Facilitate seamless integration among cross-functional teams, encompassing designers, developers, and marketers ensuring that web properties meet marketing objectives effectively.
tick  Monitor and assess project performance metrics, encompassing web development timelines, budgets, SEO performance and marketing strategies.
tick  Generate comprehensive project deliverables for both clients and internal stakeholders, elucidating key insights and proposing enhancements in both technical web development and marketing strategies.

Requirements :

tick  Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, project management, or related area of study.
tick  4 -5 years of experience as a Project Manager or similar position responsible for defining and managing project scope, timelines, profitability, and effective delivery of products or services.
tick  Experience in managing delivery of customer-facing and internally facing products or services.
tick  Intermediate to advanced proficiency with industry-standard word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software programs.
tick  Knowledge and experience of different project management frameworks, including waterfall and agile (SCRUM and KANBAN).
tick  High communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, including presentation skills.
tick  Proficient with MS Project or similar software and MS Office applications
tick  Demonstrated experience in leading cross-functional project teams.
tick  Strong persuasion and negotiation skills, including conflict resolution skills.

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