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Penetration Tester (Security)

Responsibilities :

tick   Conducting various security assessments, including penetration testing, source code review, and security configuration review.
tick   Assessing the security of assets such as web and mobile applications, network infrastructure, and Internet of Things devices.
tick   Managing work to ensure high-quality and timely completion.
tick   Analyzing threats and vulnerabilities to determine impacts and risks for clients.
tick  Providing professional recommendations and action plans to clients.
tick  Delivering excellent client service and being responsible for the delivery of that service.
tick  Communicating security findings clearly and effectively to internal and external stakeholders through both written and verbal means.
tick   Requires travel to perform on-site security assessments when needed.

Requirements :

tick   A diploma or bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field is beneficial.
tick   Industry-recognized technical certifications, such as Offensive Security or CREST certifications (e.g. OSCP, CREST CRT) is preferred.
tick   Expertise in software and network security. 
tick   Proficiency in finding and identifying vulnerabilities in web applications.
tick   Experience with penetration testing without relying on automated tools.
tick   Basic programming skills to support the development of proof-of-concepts.
tick   Creativity, independence, and strong problem-solving skills.
tick   Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to prepare clear and concise documentation and presentations of information for technical and non-technical audiences.
tick   2 or more years of experience in Penetration Testing is prefered.

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