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Branding Specialist

Responsibilities :

tick   Develop and implement brand management strategies for increased brand awareness and customer engagement.
tick   Collaborate with relevant departments to execute marketing campaigns for VeecoTech and clients
tick   Ensure consistency in the brand messaging and positioning of VeecoTech and clients.
tick   Monitor and analyse market trends and consumer behaviour to inform brand management decisions.
tick  Analyse the effectiveness of brand management and marketing efforts and suggest relevant recommendations for improvement.
tick  Conduct market research to identify opportunities for brand growth.
tick  Develop & pitch comprehensive branding proposals.
tick  Assist in the development and implementation of the overall marketing and PR strategies.
tick  Cultivate relationships with media outlets and influencers for enhanced brand visibility.
tick  Adapt to a fast-paced work environment with a strong sense of responsibility.
tick  Manage budgets and resources for brand management and marketing activities.

Requirements :

tick   Candidate must possess at least a Diploma/Bachelor’s/Professional Degree in Marketing, Mass Communication, Business Management or equivalent.
tick   Proven expertise in brand development, brand management, and execution of comprehensive branding strategies across diverse digital channels.
tick   Advanced skills in conducting market research, analyzing consumer behavior, and translating insights into effective and innovative branding solutions.
tick   Proficiency in market analysis tools (Google Trends, Think With Google, etc)
tick   Good knowledge of digital marketing strategies (SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc) and proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite is a plus.
tick   Excellent logical thinking, research, communication, and analytical problem-solving skills.
tick   Advanced knowledge of intellectual property and trademark laws is a plus.
tick   Good written and verbal communication skills (English, Bahasa Melayu, and Mandarin).
tick   Self-motivated, passionate and able to accommodate feedback.
tick   Able to work in a team and independently with minimum supervision.
tick   Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
tick   Position available in Kuala Lumpur.

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