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Is Your Website Design Giving You Any Profit?

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Do visitors leave just as soon as they arrived? Studies shows that on average most visitor would spend less than 15 seconds on the sites they visit. The first page they see will be their first impression of you. You need to give a visual impact to the visitors to make your website memorable. Website design is more than just the graphics, it’s also the user experience. VeecoTech, the leading website design Penang, is here to help you design your dream website. What are you waiting for?

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Does The Design Of My Website Really Affect My Business?

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You are probably wondering whether website design is even important. The content is what’s important, right? How your website looks affects people’s opinion towards your company. A poorly maintained or designed website could give visitors negative views of your company. When visitors see a poorly made website, they would think it was created by amateurs. They would not want to make any business transaction with a company that seem to not know what they are doing. But don’t worry. VeecoTech offers website maintenance service.

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Trusted website design Penang

As the top website design Penang company, our goal is to grow your business with our stunning and creative web designs. Our years of experience have given us both skill and knowledge on helping you get the trust of your target audience. The best part is that our design it is at an affordable price. If you are low on budget, then we are the right choice for you. We can also help with your company’s branding.

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Stunning website designs to boost up your business

With a team of experienced designers, VeecoTech can give you a website that is sure to stun the customers and keep them customers coming back. The best part, is that it is affordable. Interested? Come and have a chat with us today.

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Successful Website Leads to Successful Business

A good website design gives you a lot of advantages in expanding your business not only on a local scale but a global one. A successful website fulfills these criteria below.

Get Found on Google

The best way to gain traffic is to be the website that people see in search engines. By utilizing our knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will be able to improve your website’s ranking in Google Search. This will increase the chances of people viewing your website and thus increase traffic.

Attractive Design

On average, visitors would spend 15 seconds on most of the websites they visit. Thus, your website must be captivating and eye-catching in its’ design. It must also give a sense of professionalism to give a good impression of your company to your potential customers.

Responsive Design

Be mobile friendly. With the frequency of smartphones being used to browse the internet, the next step would be to to create a website that accommodate smaller devices, Keep in mind of the difference in layout between a bigger screen and a smaller screen.

Call To Actions

The presence of Call To Actions (CTA) buttons keep visitors engages and provoke them to perform a task (signup, purchase etc.). A Smart CTA will lead your visitor to experience your website while delivering conversions.

Conversion Tracker

Getting a conversion tracker is useful in helping to understand your customers. By analyzing the data, you will be able to know what works and what doesn’t. You will then be able to improve your conversion strategies accordingly.

Security Protection

Regular security logic update and website backup are important to protect your website from hackers. At VeecoTech, we take security protection seriously to make sure your website is clean, fast and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a lot of course and lessons online or in IT workshops on how to design your own website. If you feel that designing your own website is something you want to do yourself, it is perfectly okay. However, is it the right thing to do for your business? Enlisting professional help will save you a lot of time and frustration trying learn how to design a website. Not only that, there are certain standards you must know in order to make a solid website.

Yes. VeecoTech emphasize on responsive mobile design which basically means that your website will be able to be viewed on any devices while still having an organized design.

VeecoTech provide graphic design service where we help you create your company’s logo, business card and corporate identity. We want you to get a unique brand that is memorable and gives impact to people.

Yes. Our team will be able to get stock images that are of good quality and that suits the message you want your website to represent.

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