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Web Development Services In Penang

Not all IT development projects become a success. Most don’t even meet the market. Why? It depends on the company. A company’s portfolio, experience, customer service and SEO capabilities must be considered before you hire your web development company. Think. Then choose.

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How We Develop Web Differently

Web Development Has Evolved

Now, developers no longer code websites from scratch. There are tons of Content Management Systems out there used to simplify the process of web design, development and upgrade. A Content Management System basically helps to support the creation of digital content. Examples include, WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

The downside is, many companies rely 100% on these systems to create and develop web. We don’t. When clients put forth requirements that extend beyond the limitations of CMS and plugins, we know how to handle them through hardcore coding.

Design or Performance?

Some companies out there only emphasize on the look and feel of the website. They sacrifice performance for a professional look. Some only concentrate on the coding side, ensuring the performance rate and functionality is in top-notch. But, they neglect the user interface.

In VeecoTech, we understand that for a web development project to truly succeed, both features are equally important. So, we strategize. We make sure both are given as much emphasis as the other. Only with a decent-looking website, we can gain trust of the customers. Upon gaining trust, we should deliver. That is VeecoTech’s principle.

Build Me A Web Application

Must-Have Features on Web Applications

VeecoTech’s target is to deliver accurate projects. We ensure all project specifications requested by clients are met.

All VeecoTech’s web apps are developed using efficient code. This ensures improved system performance.

We don’t just develop, we optimize and maintain web apps for robustness and durability.

Everything online is exposed to risk. Thus, multiple measures are taken for security against malware and attacks.

Reusability reduces both time and code duplication. We use modularity for easy future enhancements.

Plugins and 3rd party integrations are done right so as to ensure functionality is not compromised.

Web Development
Step-by-Step Process

Each website is unique. We start gathering information about your company’s purpose, objectives, target audience and services. It helps to get the look and feel of your site.

Next, a site map based on the requirements is developed. This acts as a guide for the development team on the content of the website and technologies used.

Designing commences. Here, website prototypes is developed. You will be sent mock-ups and exchange ideas with the designer for the ideal final site design.

Time to code! At this stage, we uses the prototype as a basis to create an actual functional interactive website. We ensure to update you frequently on the progress.

QA team tests each and every element on the website during this stage. This ensures that the website meets current web development standards and improved if needed.

The nerve-racking launch commences. The website is made online and available to all, both locally and on global platform. Time to get down to business!

Technology Stack

Our development team is proficient in a variety of development tools and operating environments. Your convenience is our expertise. If you already own an existing website, don’t worry! Let us handle it. We can enhance your website regardless of the technologies used. We do both, create and innovate.



Java Script

C Sharp


Microsoft SQL

Ruby on Rails








E-Commerce Shopping

Create An Online Store Now

Statistics states that global retail e-commerce sales will reach almost $4.5 trillion by 2021. Don’t be left out.

Build your own online store now and grow your business. In VeecoTech, we deliver highly robust e-commerce web solutions which perform. Our customized e-commerce web solutions handle high online traffic on daily basis. Just post your products and watch orders rushing in! Again remember! No employee promotes your products 24/7. Only websites do!

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Custom Software Development

Build a software that fits your business, not one that fits in. Customized software has been proven to propel business to success.

A custom software, unlike an off-shelf packaged software is designed for a group of users specifically within a corporation. Each company’s needs for an IT system differs. Thus, customized software is is an essential tool to help businesses perform specific functionalities and services. It helps to automate workflows, streamline communication, accelerate reporting times and strengthen security.

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Custom Software Development

Customised Software We Have Experience On

Property Management System

Visitor Management System

Affliate System

Condo Management System

Agent Referral System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every web project is different. The magnitude and complexity of the project often impacts the timescale the most. However, should the client have a deadline in mind, we will make the best effort to meet the deadline. Commonly, the average time required to complete a standard website takes about 3-5 weeks, while an e-commerce website could take about 6-7 weeks.

Bear in mind that most projects only get delayed or fail to meet the deadline due to the wait for clients to send over required materials, like images and content. This can be avoided with proper cooperation on the client’s side.

No, as it is not possible for anyone. Google and other search engines often change their algorithms to display the most relevant search results. Thus, most companies out there often perform tricks, adapting to the latest algorithms, to help their clients secure a high placement in the search results. This is absolutely risky. Google can easily penalize those who misuse SEO for better placements. So, hire a web development company wisely!

In VeecoTech, we only use White Hat SEO practices. Good content, decent layout and persistent social and marketing efforts naturally leads to a high placement. Read more on SEO here.

No. VeecoTech is one of the very few companies in Penang to publicly display the price of our services. This proves our genuinity. During the first meeting with our clients, we discuss all the requirements and agree on the price accordingly. Since changes are inevitable in web projects, clients do sometimes put forth more requirements and sometimes change the scope of the project. Thus, we will discuss the price alterations with clients before the changes are implemented.

This depends on the web technologies used in developing your website. Regardless, in VeecoTech, we do provide guidance and instructions on further maintaining and updating your websites in the future. This includes updating individual pages or products in your website.

Of course, it is more encouraged for the development company itself to continue maintaining the website. VeecoTech will always be readily available to help you with any future changes or additions in your website.

Yes, we will be more than happy to take a look at your website and start discussing on the changes required. Since we are well-versed with a variety of technologies, we are sure to help you regardless of the technology used to develop your web.

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