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Top 5 reasons why you need a professional copywriter

With internet marketing is taking a storm in the modern world today, information is power. Many business owners have recognized the importance to have a business website. Many consumers have resorted to the use of internet to obtain information prior to making their purchase choices. According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the internet penetration rate in Malaysia was 81.5% as of December 2016, one of the highest in the region.

Not only does a website helps a business to widen the customers base, it basically runs like a marketing platform to reach your potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A good website allows you to market your business effectively, showcases your works, improves customer service, keeps your customers informed and saves your time in providing information. Catchy website design is crucial to draw the attention of your potential customers upon their first visit, and the website contents, is the king.

Being one of the major states in GDP contribution to national economy, business activities in Penang has gradually growing in momentum. Many small businesses in Penang have created their websites for business presence, but often with disappointing contents possibly due to the lack of copywriters or relevant agencies set up in Penang. Many opt to DIY the contents only to realize that they do not know where to start, what to write, or how to write.

When and why do you need a professional copywriter?

Take a look on the following scenarios to decide if you want to bring in a pro.

  1. Put your time at where you are good at, leave the work to the professional. A copywriter gets your message delivered perfectly, in powerful writing to capture your customers.
  2. Effective writing delivers persuasive contents to convert your website visitors to your customers. Copywriters know how to perfectly capture and sell your services in a neutral yet persuasive manner.
  3. Copywriters provide contents that complement the website design. Copywriters often work hand-in-hand with website designer to convey your contents in a powerful and effective presentation.
  4. Differentiate your business with your competitors’. A professional copywriter knows how to highlight your business identity, to enhance your business image, and to promote your unique selling proposition.
  5. A copywriter knows how to generate organic traffic to your website. By drawing the essential information from you, a copywriter knows what contents are needed in generating visitors to your landing page, which converts to quick sales.

A professional, experienced and well-trained copywriter draws a strong marketing message for your business, sell your business effectively, generate organic traffic and increase revenue. Leave the work to the professional to create an excellent website contents for your business while you enjoy your coffee time.

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