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Website Maintenance Innovates Your World

Our Penang Website Maintenance Services provide an updated website with a good content gives your customer a better reason to come back to your site. Present consumers are well informed and able to find your website instantly whether you’re worthy of their time and money. Whereas, the presence of digital marketing assists in assessing your credibility. But how to make these possible?

An effective, creative, and consistent maintaining website is potential to get that results. We can use our website maintenance services to help you maintain and update your professional business website regularly, all you have to do is simply a call or email our ticketing system and we will get the work done.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a shot with VeecoTech and we can assure that you can focus on running your core business with hassles free.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose VeecoTech As Your Web Maintenance Assistance?

You should consider hire us if you

  • Do not have enough time to update your website.
  • Do not know how to update your website.
  • Want to increase your website conversion rate.
  • Want to have a professional website design

Our skills in maintaining your website consists of

  • Updating all different kinds of websites.
  • Writing the best HTML, Javascript code for faster page speed load.
  • Creating graphic design banner.
  • Assisting in increasing your website visitor rate and conversion rate.

Services and supports that were provided for the corporate website.

  • Banner Slider redesign.
  • Create a promotion banner.
  • News updates.
  • Content updates.
  • Website speed tuning.
  • Weekly/Monthly database backup.

How We Service And Maintain Your Website?

Check your website thoroughly.

Test your website forms.

Analyze your KPIs, SEO and reports.

Security updates and bug fixes.

Renew your domain names.

Check backups.

Test browser compatibility.

Update dates and copyright notices.

Review contact information.

Review and update legal disclaimers.

Update Your Professional Website
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Is It Necessary For You
To Keep Updating Your Website?

As a matter a fact, of course, it is very crucial to stay fresh and constantly update your websites. What can a well-maintained website do?

  • Secure yourself and your customer
  • Engage and retain customers through experience
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Update your customer with the latest information
  • Keep your website running smoothly via updates
  • Prevent losing important information through backups

2 Comprehensive Website Maintenance Packages

Pay As You Go (Hourly Rates)

  • This Pay-As-You-G0 service is charged at RM 120/ hour.
  • Unlike other web design companies, VeecoTech charges every effort spent in every 15 mins blocks. If your project needs only 15 minutes for website maintenance, it would cost only RM30.
    • 15mins = RM30
    • 30mins = RM60
    • 45 mins = RM90
  • Only valid for website content updates only.

Monthly Rates

  • Save more money with our monthly website maintenance plan which starts from RM 350/ month.
  • Monthly updates – Max 3 times updates per month. Up to 2 man hours per update.
  • What will you get:
    • Graphic changes/ Content changes
    • Additional/ deletion of new HTML web pages
    • Additional/ deletion of menu
    • News/ announcement update
    • Phone/ Email Consultations and Support
    • Min. 6 Month Contract

How To Order A Website Maintenance Package?

Further questions about the maintenance package, please email or call us. We gladly help you to solve your doubts.

If you need to build a professional website, check with our latest website design package to find out the most suitable package for your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All kind of websites, regardless of their particular aspects. A website displays an online reflection to those visitors who are targeted market and hence, it is expected to keep itself up to date and well maintained with all the latest facts, news and company’s information.

We start working on it within 24 hours upon receiving our client’s request or approval along with the content. We keep in touch with our client about the updates made like the initiation, progression and estimated completion time through emails.

This depends on how much maintenance your website required to meet your request. Time frames will be included in your quote and all work is done subject to a service level agreement.

Yes. Sometimes we can’t perform a website maintenance request due to the language you used to build your website, restrictions imposed by your current provider or other reasons.

This depends on your website type. If your website unable you to, we can discuss options about converting your website into a Content Management System (CMS).

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