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Business Email Hosting

Google apps for work

Transform & scale your business with Google app for work. Save time, cost and much more!
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#1 Professional business e-mail hosting

If there are over 5 millions of users who had moved their business email hosting to Google, then surely there must be something great about it. Google Apps For Work provides a highly reliable platform where you will no longer suffer from losing important emails, limited webmail hosting or server instability issues.

✓ 30GB storage per user –  email e.g.
✓ High Reliability – 99.9% uptime, guaranteed by SLA.
✓ High Security – Protected with SSL encryption, 2 step verification, etc…
✓ Powerful spam filtering – Best spam removal algorithm.
✓ Cloud Storage – Upload and share your files in one place.

If you’re looking for a better, cost effective and more secure business
email hosting to scale your business, then talk to us to understand how Google Apps For Work can help your business. Contact Us Now!

Google apps for work