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Established in 2011, VeecoTech is an experienced web design and software development company located in Penang, Malaysia. We are the leading Malaysia IT solution company, specialized in helping businesses to achieve their success through web design, eCommerce, mobile app, software customization, SEO and online marketing.

We emphasize understanding your business objectives and working closely with you. We take pride in our work and we look forward to creating long-lasting relationships with our clients that ensure continual success.

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Our passion to advance website and digital solutions allows us to connect with these wonderful companies!

Our New Chapter, Benova

Mobile-responsive websites builder tool originated in Penang, Malaysia.

Launched by VeecoTech in 2020, Benova is the first product that supports robust accessibility in website creation. It allows users to create websites via readily available template designs and employs comprehensive web design tools to facilitate a highly interactive user experience. On Benova, users are also able to design eCommerce websites and mobile applications of their dreams. Implementing VeecoTech’s expertise in digital solution services, Benova enables the usage of SEO marketing tools and domain name purchase services which are essential for website presence.

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Internet Recognition

Operating for more than 10 years, VeecoTech’s exceptional capacity to deliver top-notch website solutions has been acknowledged and covered in multiple media articles! When it comes to the best web design services in Penang, we are confident to say that we rank on the top just as how Trusted Malaysia and Yellowbee think of us.

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We are certain to make the websites of your dreams come true with innovative and creative web design.
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