6 ways to make content go viral for your E-commerce website

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Every content marketer want to make content go viral. You want to reach more audience and sell more products. You want that virality to drive traffic and increase conversion rates. However, doing so is easier said than done. The goals of every content marketer share is trying to create content that engages the audience. But, the digital world is full of content that can achieve that goal. This decreases the chances of engaging in your because with more contents options, audience demands of quality content have risen.

That being said, it would seem some publications have thought of some formula that have made their content go viral. Take for example the quiz below as well as this article from Huffington Post.

Why should you care to make your content go viral?

The answer is simple. As was said previously, having your content shared by thousand, if not, tens of thousands of people will increase the traffic to your e-commerce website. Not only that, this will increase the brand awareness to your business thus creating more sales opportunity.

So do you create content that can go viral like the quiz and Huffington Post article? Well, here we will discuss the 6 ways to make quality content that go viral.

1. Create short content.
In general, short content has a better chance of going viral than long content. The logic in this relate to the attention span of modern day people. This means that short content have a better chance of keeping a viewers attention for the entire content. This will increase the chance of it getting more shares and thus is more likely to go viral.

Not that long content aren’t great, it just have less chance of getting shared. The reason is simple that viewers get bored. It takes too long to view and process the information and they may just stop half way. People tend to read things online on-the-go and don’t have time to stay on one page for too long before the move on to the next.

Take for example, this viral video from Volvo where Jean-Claude Van Damme does the splits between two semi-trucks driving backward.

This video last about one minute but it has gone viral. Why? What is the point if it is that short? The fact that it is short is what made it viral. It is short enough that the viewers attention were still on it. Had it been too long, the viewers may have gotten bored and left the page. That being said, it was also an impactful video that successfully sent it’s message across. That is something to keep in mind. Create short content but with quality.

2. Keep it visual
Visual content is often most preferred compared to bodies of text. I’m sure we have been in a situation where we click on an article that is just full of words on a white background and we just leave. Images and visual cues are important in keeping your audience engaged. It make it less intimidating to read and is appealing. Try to utilize contents that have lots of images like inforgraphics or videos to keep audiences’ attention. You should consider having social media platform that emphasizes on images like Instagram or Pinterest to help you content get viral.

3.  Run a giveaway
This is a less common method but it is very effective. If you have the budget for it, giving free stuff to your customers is a sure way to increase brand awareness. People these days like to share what they have through social media. There are plenty of companies that does giveaways and it certainly work for them. It also get the customers more engaged with your brand and make it more meaningful to them. They could also link back their post to your e-commerce website. This will increase the traffic for your e-commerce and even increase conversion rates. One of the more popular way to share the giveaway is through instagram because people get to show off their goodies.

giveaways for ecommerce instagram

4. Email list distribution
The email list that you currently have is important. Although your email does not have a good open rate, you can still reach out to the people that matters most. The reality of crating content is that it would be a waste if no one will share them. The loyal customers that care about your company or brand are the most likely to share some of your content. Below is one example of content from Cook Smart that they share with their clients. They already know their customers interest in their business and created a content which is related to it.

email list distribution

5. Leverage user-generated content
User-generated content is as the name suggest, content that is created by users. This give you advantages because:
a.) You don’t have to create a lot of content
b.) It is easy to get this to go viral

The trick is that you create a challenge or activities that audience can engage in. You get to see the creativity of your audience and is will be easy to make content go viral. They would likely share it in their social media which will reach their own circle of followers. You get to post their content in your own social media platforms as well. Here are a couple examples of the user generated content:

user generated content

6. Run paid advertisement
Paid advertisement have existed for as long as business was around. It is not a foreign concept. People pay to reach a large audience whether it target or not. The main reason why it is still in use today is because it works. Getting more money in return is ideal but the virality of the content will generate more conversion rates in a long run. Facebooks Ads are one of the most commonly used today. As it is already in a social media platform, it makes it for easier to become viral.

paid advertisement for ecommerce


Content marketing isn’t something to take lightly. You are able to do so much with created valuable and meaningful content for your audience. Although not all these methods work for your ecommerce vision, you can find one that works and utilize it.  You can also increase you content virality by learning more on 6 ways to improve your social media optimization.

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